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Drain Field Rejuvenation


A drain field requires bacteria to degrade and consume a large portion of the organic waste

that flows through the system in order to maintain a working balance. When chemicals,

detergents, and other toxic substances kill off naturally occurring bacteria, drain fields

overloaded with water and organic matter will eventually fail.

Failed or near failing drain fields can be effectively and inexpensively rejuvenated with liquid Septic-Renew.

The natural bacteria in Septic-Renew will immediately begin degrading and eliminating

the organic matter clogging the biomat to allow the field to begin draining properly. Once a drain field has been remediated with

Septic-Renew, a septic system maintenance program is strongly advised to avoid repeat failures.

For best results, pump septic tank and add 2.5 gallons of Liquid Septic Renew directly into septic

tank. Adding another 2.5 gallons of Liquid Septic-Renew for every 400 square feet of drain field through the distribution box and or header pipe is also strongly advised.

For completely failed drain fields, the most immediate results will be obtained when Liquid Septic-Renew dosing is coupled with soil fracturing. Dosing amounts can vary depending on the size of the drain field. Jetting is also another method of introduction, mix with water and jet down the lines.

Septic Renew


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