Metered Air Sanitizer


Metered Air Sanitizer 

Removes airborne bacteria making the air cleaner and healthier. Works in areas up to 6,000 cubic feet. 30-day refill. Scent: Lime; Physical Form: Liquid; Application: Automatic Odor Control

MSDS Sheet Available


EPA Registered
Lockable, tamper-resistant dispenser
LED battery and refill replacement reminder
6.2 Ounce refills

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Metered Air Freshener

Metered Air Freshener completely eliminates unpleasant odors and leaves a clean, fresh scent in the air. Contains Ordenone™, a deodorizing ingredient that is an effective odor eliminator. The measured spray deodorizes up to 6,000 cubic feet. Universal spray tip - our metered air fresheners are manufactured with a universal actuator tip and will fit most metered-aerosol dispensers

MSDS Sheet Available

Scents: Mulberry ,Exotic Garden, Apple Blossom, Mountain Meadow , Lemon Drop, Spring Linen, Ocean Mist,  Mango, Cherry, and Cinnamon Stick


 *NEW 2019 SCENT*

Summer Breeze




X-900 Odor Concentrate cleans, deodorizes and refreshes surfaces. The water-soluble formula contains powerful detergents and potent perfumes to counteract malodors and leave the area smelling fresh and clean.

Tropical scent 

Fresh scent

Add 1 - 2 oz. per gal of water or cleaning solution
Can be used in trigger sprayers, carpet extractors, laundry
Applicable on: Ceramic, fabric, plastic, porcelain, stainless steel, wood
For all-purpose
Ideal for dust, soil
Standards: VOC compliant